Hidden Dream Steam Games CD Key
Hidden Dream Steam Games CD Key
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Hidden Dream is a 3D adventure puzzle game. You will embark on a journey of Princess Wencheng, which is not only a dream hidden in time by a 16-year-old girl but an adventurous journey about history, art, and spirit.

In each episode, you will flexibly use fire, wind, water, light, shadow, and other elements with unique Chinese traditional colors to solve the challenges encountered on the journey. Enjoy the fun of solving the puzzles, feel the unique gameplay of zodiac and movable type printing, enjoy the shock of the twinkling stars in the psychedelic waterwheel building, and experience the collision of dreams and reality with the original music full of ethnic customs. As the journey pass, you will find your own home in this fantasy world.

The game has a total of six episodes, and the scenes in each episode are iconic locations on Princess Wencheng's way to Tibet.

The gameplay is a combination of the simple mechanism of each chapter. For example, in Chapter 2, the wind is added to the game scene. Players must use the elements of nature while jumping, pushing boxes, and burning vines. Resistance can also become the driving force for jumping in the wind.

Players will hear original music of Chinese customs, experience the visual impact of Chinese historical and cultural scenes that appeared in exquisite painting style, enjoy the fun of solving puzzles, and feel attractive Chinese traditional history culture through this fantasy story.

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